About The Grow Kabn

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            The Grow Kabn is a 4 member, family owned and operated Hemp farm in East Tennessee. “Kabn” is not just a different way to spell cabin, it has special meaning to us. Each letter is the first letter of our first names from oldest to youngest. We all have very high standards and values and strive to give the cleanest, most natural product possible for your consumption.
We are a small, family owned company and intend to stay that way. Keeping our farm small ensures quality product and lasting relationships. We are not big corporate number crunchers or even good salesmen, but that is ok. What we are is honest people trying to make ends meet and provide you with quality product and service.
The Grow Kabn has been studying and learning about growing Natural Cannabis since 2012. We are very passionate about this amazing plant and believe it to have countless medicinal qualities.
We grow outdoors as well as indoors. Every plant is grown in Completely Natural True Living Organic Soil. That means we use NO chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We feed the microlife in the soil that feeds the plants, plus we spray Natural Compost and ISO Teas to feed and prevent pest and molds. Growing the plant properly is only the first step. The finished plants are carefully dried in a controlled environment and then cured. Every bud is hand trimmed and handled very gently to keep every medicine filled trichome in place. The time and love we put into each plant makes our product one of the most enjoyable and safest out there.


“I recommend The Grow Kabn!
Their customer service is outstanding. As for their product? A++!
Their prices are very reasonable as opposed to some sources I have tried and they provide you with descriptive paperwork on the product and CBD percentage content.
I recommend anyone with chronic pain, anxiety such as myself give them a try!”
Jenny C.

“I would recommend that you try The Grow Kabn. Very good product and excellent customer service and response. Very nice people and I can’t wait to do future business with them and can’t wait for the new strains and tastes.”
David K.

“I requested a sample recently. I have been experiencing terrible shoulder pain and nothing had been helping. When I sampled this product, the pain was gone almost instantly and stayed at a tolerable pain level for a long period of time.”
Jacqueline P.

“I have tried oils before but the smokable version of CBD that The Grow Kabn offers delivers faster and without the upset stomach that some competitor oils cause. It relaxes tense muscles, really helps with pain (I am a chronic back and joint pain sufferer). I also noticed it helps alleviate a good percentage of my anxiety as well!”
Jenny W.


“Very awesome medication. Helps wonders with chronic headaches.”
Katie C.